croquet at Rowley


  Mike Evans Cup Cup Gillespie Mallet
Advanced Short Cup Short Bowl Arnold Bowles Trophy Harry Tattersall Trophy
Handicap singles Handicap doubles Advanced singles Advanced handicap doubles Short croquet (H8-16) Short croquet (H16+) Handicap singles (H16+) Attendance on club days
1992 A J Locket M Evans &
H Tattersall
        G Locket  
1993 A J Locket A Locket &
S Worsley
        A J H Warnes  
1994 C Fletcher N Best &
R Locket
      R Locket  
1995 N A Best L Elston &
C Fletcher
      M L Elston  
1996 C Fletcher D Knight &
A Locket
        A J H Warnes  
1997 F Meadley P Best &
C Chamberlain
1998 C Fletcher C Fletcher &
A Warnes
      S M Worsley D Knight
1999 J R Gillespie M Evans &
H Aylott
        M L Elston J Kennedy
2000 C Fletcher J Kennedy &
S Smith
        A Bremner  
2001 J B Kennedy N Best &
S Smith
  R Edwards R Richardson G Chamberlain M Hardy
2002 A Davies J Kennedy &
A scott
    R Edwards M Hardy L Elston M Hardy
2003 J B Kennedy R Edwards &
D Mitchell
    G Skipsey M Lawrenson R Edwards T Judge
2004 G Skipsey G Skipsey &
A Davies
A Davies J Gillespie &
M Evans
L Elston R Richardson L Elston T Judge
2005 A Davies T Judge &
A Davies
C Fletcher M Evans &
C Fletcher
T Judge R Richardson T Judge R Richardson
2006 R Edwards T Judge &
C Fletcher
M Evans N Best &
M Evans
M Lawrenson M Kirby J Richardson R Richardson
2007 C Fletcher M Lawrenson &
C Fletcher
A Davies C Fletcher &
J Kennedy
    M Lawrenson R Richardson
2008 J B Kennedy J Kennedy &
M Lawrenson
J Kennedy N Best &
J Gillespie
R Edwards   R Richardson R Richardson
2009 R Edwards T Judge &
P Thompson
D Knight D Knight &
A Davies
  J Richardson   J Richardson
2010 R Edwards M Kirby &
J Kennedy
D Knight A Davies &
J Kennedy
M Kirby T Hillyer Most improved player J Richardson
2011 R Edwards J Gillespie &
A Locket
J Kennedy D Knight &
J Kennedy
    M Kirby A Davies
2012 A Davies A Davies &
M Kirby
D Knight A Davies &
J Kennedy
    T Hillyer A Davies
2013 T Hillyer D Knight &
K Bremner
D Knight A Davies &
A Locket
    T Hillyer A Davies
2014 A Locket M Kirby &
A Davies
D Knight A Davies &
J Gillespie
    D James T Judge
2015   R Edwards & J Richardson Colin Fletcher R Edwards & D Knight M Kirby T Hillyer R Edwards D James
2016   D James &
D Knight
C Fletcher A Davies &
J Gillespie
R Edwards D James   A Davies
2017 T Hillyer R Edwards &
D James
A Davies A Davies &
R Edwards
R Edwards D James D James T Judge
2018 D James J Gillespie &
D James
J Gillespie A Davies &
A Locket
R Edwards S Smith E Dover A Stones
2019 D Knight T Judge &
B Merrells
A Davies I Ballantyne &
D Knight
M Kirby S Smith H Griffiths I Ballantyne
2020*             G King  
2021 R Edwards G King &
C Score
    R Edwards H Griffiths A Stones H Griffiths

In 2021, the One Ball competition was won by C Score.

*In 2020, most of the usual club competitions did not take place because of the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, only the Arnold Bowles Trophy was awarded. However, some informal competitions were able to be held. Their winners were:

  • SC low hcaps - I.Ballantyne
  • SC high hcaps - S.Smith
  • SC 'losers' high hcaps - G.King
  • 18 pt consolation event - A.Locket
  • 18 pt competition - D.James