croquet at Rowley


By 31 July By 31 August By 30 September Winner

Derek Knight
or Mike Kirby


Robin Edwards

v v  

Andy Davies


Terry Hillyer

Debbie James


Tom Judge


Chris Score


Jim Gillespie
or Alan Locket

Please complete preliminary round matches by 30th June.
And everybody, please please please make every effort to complete every round by the dates stipulated above.

Matches will be played to CA Handicap Singles rules, and will count towards your handicap via the Automatic Handicapping System, so please enter the results on your Handicap Card. If you need help or advice about this, please ask any of the more experienced players.

Matches should be played to a finish, if possible, but, if both players agree, then the match could be played to a time limit of not less than 3ΒΌ hours.

The final will not be played to a time limit.