croquet at Rowley

Club playing times

Monday afternoons

Monday afternoon has always been our main club afternoon. All members are welcome and play will be arranged so that everyone who turns up in reasonable time is involved. Any recognized form of croquet can be played. Full lawn play will be prioritised, but there will always be one short lawn available for those who wish to play short lawn games.

Tuesday afternoons

This second club afternoon was added in 2018. The only difference is that on Tuesdays short lawn play will be prioritised, though there will always be one full lawn available for those who wish to play full lawn games.

Play begins at 2pm prompt. The session usually lasts from two to three hours, though members are welcome to play as long as they wish.


Middle weeks for both Mondays and Tuesdays will be 'Mix-It' sessions when players' opponents will be decided by lottery. It's fun and a good way of learning different styles of play against a wide range of players. If your 'Mix-It' opponent can only play short lawn, their wish is your command!

Play at other times

Members can play as and when they wish, subject to the caveats below. The lawns are open throughout all daylight hours during the croquet season from April to October.

However, we play by courtesy of the Rowley Manor hotel. Lawns may not be available if the hotel is using them for a wedding or other function. But even if a function puts one lawn out of use, it is usually acceptable to play croquet on the other lawns.

On Thursday and Friday from 2 to 4 pm the lawns are used by U3A groups whose needs take precedence for the duration of their sessions.