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All Club Players:

You are encouraged to keep handicap cards, for both full lawn and short lawn as appropriate, to record all handicap match results. This applies to games you play in club singles competitions, not to informal matches played on club afternoons. If you play in the Yorkshire Federation league matches, it is essential that you keep a card. See below.

Please see Derek Knight for your new card/s, and any of your Committee for further information.

All inter-club match and tournament players:

It is a requirement and responsibility for all players of Yorkshire Federation league matches to keep a handicap card in common with other clubs in the league.

The Club handicapper may wish to monitor your card. You may be required to present your updated card at tournaments.

If you play both FL and SL Yorkshire Federation matches, you are expected to keep a separate SL card. If your handicap on this card differs from your transposed FL handicap, you should play off your SL card handicap (and this also applies to Beverley & East Riding club competitions). For non-league events other clubs are entitled to follow the current CA regulations which specify transposed FL handicaps for all except exclusively SL players.

*Trial this season - a 3rd handicap card*

Members of this club have been instrumental in arguing for simplification and consistency of approach, namely one card on which players record all their results at both FL and SL to produce a combined unified index. This index tabulates into a FL handicap from which a SL handicap is transposed in the usual way. The proposal is currently with the CA for consideration; in the meantime the Yorkshire Federation clubs will trial the card this season.

We hope you will feel able to join the trial by recording all your handicap results at both FL and SL on this card too.