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All Club Players:

Most croquet games are played under handicap laws. The handicap system allows players of different skill levels to compete on an equal basis and it is essential that players keep an up-to-date handicap card.

The club handicapper will set your initial handicap and will review all player’s handicaps at the end of the season. Games played in official club competitions, Yorkshire Federation league matches and other official tournaments must be recorded on your handicap card, and this adjusts your handicap automatically over the season. Where appropriate the club handicapper can make manual changes to your handicap while it is 8 or above.

In addition to your Association Croquet (AC) handicap card you should keep a separate card for Short Croquet (SC) if you take part in any Club or Yorkshire Federation Short Croquet competitions and CA tournaments.

Your AC handicap initially determines your SC handicap according to the conversion table below. If your AC handicap goes down then your SC handicap must change to match. If your AC handicap goes up this does not change your SC handicap. Changes to your SC handicap, through games played, do not change your AC handicap.

Relationship between Association and Short Croquet handicaps

-3 to -13 peels 8 to 93
-0.5 to 0.52 peels 10-113.5
1 to 1.51 peels 12-134
2 to 2.50 14 to 155
3 to 3.50.5 16 to 176
4 to 4.51 18 to 197
51.5 20 to 218
62 22 to 239
72.5 2410

Informal games, played in club sessions or elsewhere, do not count for handicaps and should not be recorded on handicap cards.

Handicap cards are available from the club secretary.

Your handicap, and that of your opponent, will determine how many bisques (extra turns) you receive in a game. The number of bisques is also affected by the number of points being played in the game (26, 18 or 14) and by the size of the lawn (full size or half size).

Tables in the Laws and on the Croquet Association Website give full details and copies are pinned up in the club house.

A trial electronic calculator is available at

Please ask any of the experienced club members to explain the handicap system in more detail.