croquet at Rowley

Annual General Meeting

Because of pandemic restrictions, it was not possible to hold a normal AGM this year. Instead, an abbreviated meeting was held in October 2020 by email exchange.

The committee was re-elected en bloc. The full list is now:

Chairman      Keith Bremner
Secretary      Debbie James
Treasurer      Eddie Dover
plus Stanley Smith, Mike Kirby, Alan Locket and Sally Layton.

If you have any ideas for the improvement and development of the club please talk to Debbie or any member of the committee.

To read the minutes, such as they are, of the meeting and other club documents click on the links below.

Minutes of the corona-curbed AGM, October 2020
Club Constitution (revised 2018)
Slow play procedure (being trialled in 2019)
Health and Safety policy 2021
Safeguarding code of practice 2021
Equality and Diversity policy 2021
Club Privacy Notice 2021