croquet at Rowley


Croquet is one of the finest outdoor sports. It is a friendly game that's relatively easy to understand and fun to play.

Beverley and East Riding Croquet Club is always pleased to receive new members, of any age or level of experience from beginner to advanced. If you are an experienced club or match player, please click on our club section to learn more about the club and how to get in touch.

If you are thinking of taking up croquet from scratch, please keep reading this section for a brief introduction to the game and its benefits.

Why play croquet?

Croquet is an enjoyable, sociable game that can be played by people of any age and of either sex.

It is a thoughtful and tactical game, generally played at a leisurely pace, but one that will give you plenty of fresh air and exercise. You can walk quite a long way during a game of croquet, but there are also frequent periods of sitting, watching and relaxed conversation.

As with any game, the best players probably start young, but many take it up after retiring from more energetic pursuits. It can be as skilful as you want it to be. Advanced players can take it very seriously, but most club members probably see it as a relaxing and friendly way of passing an afternoon.

About the Club

Beverley and East Riding Croquet Club plays its croquet on the south-facing lawns of Rowley Manor near Little Weighton, just outside both Beverley and Hull.  There really could be no finer setting! At our backs are the walls and woodland of the manor; in front we gaze out over a panorama of rolling fields stretching towards the Humber.

Current membership is quite small - we need more members! -  and made up of a cross section of society. Croquet isn’t only played by ‘posh’ people!

We have club afternoons on Mondays and Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, but members are free to come and play on any day at any time from April to October.

The mood at club sessions is generally relaxed, but we also field teams in several regional competitions, playing against clubs in both the west and north Ridings, and further afield.

Costs and equipment

All you need to start playing is a pair of flat-soled shoes. The club can provide mallets and everything else you need to play.

However, there is a membership fee, currently £60 in the season you join, and thereafter £120 a year (less for 'country' members, who live more than 20 miles away). Compared with other clubs this is about average and reflects the club's costs in replacing equipment and maintaining the lawns.

Have a go!

If you would like to try your hand at croquet, just to see what it's like, give us a call and we'll invite you down - completely free of charge - to have a go.

For more info
phone Maureen: 07928 407027
or email